Thank You

We’d like to thank the brave refugees, and their families, who agreed to share their stories. We are proud to have you as our neighbors.

This project would not have been possible without our all-volunteer team of writers, photographers and editors, and particularly our design team, which included Jessica Bibbee, Liz Kranz and Nick Olds.

We’d also like to thank Judi Harris, Michelle Haskell, Erika Brown-Binion and Paula Frantz at our refugee support agencies for their patience with all of our many questions. Your work is crucial to helping newcomers succeed in a challenging new culture.

Rob Cook and Alice Fleming Townley, with the All Faith Alliance for Refugees (AFAR), along with Jane Kramer, are coordinating how the exhibit will travel throughout the community.

Special thanks to State Representative Sam Singh for hosting the exhibit opening at the Michigan State Capitol. And to the Centre for Engaged Inclusion at Lansing Community College for their sponsorship.

Heartfelt thanks to the generous contributors who supported our crowdfunding campaign, which paid for printing the book and exhibit.

Patrons ($200 and above)

  • Steve & Luanne Bibbee
  • Brian Fisher
  • Jim & Darcy Greene
  • Amanda Grieshop
  • Patricia & James Grieshop
  • Jeremy Herliczek
  • Denise Kane
  • Amy Bond-Nelson Moore
  • Robert Richardson
  • Becky Shink & Vincent Delgado
  • Kate & Andrew Snyder

Sponsor ($100 and above)

  • Catherine Allen
  • Stephanie Angel
  • Leta Barlow
  • Laura and Doug DeLind
  • Jackie Hawthorne
  • Mary and Larry Hennesey
  • Siegfried Herliczek
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  • Khalid Ibrahim
  • Karen & Jerry Jennings
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  • Ron Welch

Neighbor ($50 and above)

  • Linda Anderson
  • Jo Marie Gram
  • Judy Green
  • Bob Hewitt
  • Meegan Holland
  • Ann Kammerer
  • Lisa Kramer
  • Robin Miller
  • Joan Nelson
  • Kristen Pursely
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