About Refugee Resettlement

Each year the U.S. government admits a defined number of refugees, and the Lansing area welcomes some of them as our new neighbors. There are approximately 20,000 newcomers in Greater Lansing, with roughly 700 new arrivals each year.

Refugees are people who have been forced to flee their homes and are unable to return home due to well-founded fears of persecution based on race, religion, nationality (or lack thereof), or political views. With fierce courage and determination, they begin the process of starting anew.

Supporting this effort locally are agencies doing the critical work of serving refugees: St. Vincent Catholic Charities, Samaritas Refugee Youth Services, The Global Institute of Lansing, and the Refugee Development Center. All four are committed to ensuring that our newest neighbors are supported as they learn to navigate and thrive in their new community.

Refugees play a vital role in Michigan’s growth — economically, socially and culturally — helping make our state strong and prosperous. They are business owners, homeowners, taxpayers, students, teachers and neighbors. We are honored to support our new neighbors as they become rooted and contributing members of the community.

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  • Erika Brown-Binion
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  • Erika Brown-Binion
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  • Erika Brown-Binion
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